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Christmas Luminaries

Buy Luminary Bags & Candles for Christmas Celebration

With designs that showcase everything from stars, snowflakes and holly to angels, crosses and more, your Christmas luminary bags can play a significant part in setting both the mood and style of your holiday decorations. Christmas luminaries from LumaBase are made to exacting quality and aesthetic standards while still remaining highly affordable. You can join with neighbors and even your whole block or cul-de-sac to create an inviting outdoor wonderland with a variety of Christmas luminary bags in different designs. When you add in the fact that we provide free shipping for orders of $100.00 or more, creating your own glowing winter wonderland neighborhood becomes even more affordable.

LumaBase Christmas Luminaries and Christmas Luminary Bags: We Are Here To Help You with Questions and Your Selection:

We bring years of experience and extensive event design capabilities to bear in helping you choose just the right Christmas luminaries for your holiday setting.Feel free to give us a call at 610-524-4166 if you’re in the Chester area or 1-800-524-9525 if you’re further afield so we can review all our options with you. To read more about Christmas Luminaries, please click here.

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Bags Plastic - Holly 12ct
Price: $13.95
Bags Plastic - Tan 12ct
Price: $13.95
Bags Plastic - White 100ct
Price: $109.95
Electric - 20-5 Bulb Cord Clear 100ct
Regular Price: $39.90
Sale Price: $19.95
Electric - 20-5 Bulb Cord Red & Green 100ct
Regular Price: $39.90
Sale Price: $19.95