LumaBase lanterns offer an easy yet elegant way to decorate in and around your home. Add a sense of warmth to any living space with the inviting glow of candlelight from our glass or metal lanterns. Our tabletop lanterns offer creative opportunities for decorating your dining or kitchen table for special occasions. Plastic, all-weather luminaries are a durable way to light up your walkway, driveway, or patio for BBQs, neighborhood parties and more. LumaLanterns come in fun designs and offer flame-resistant liners. Don’t forget to browse our selection of paper lanterns, which offer a non-conventional way to add light to your backyard or home.

In addition to our tabletop lanterns and other lantern products, we offer a variety of candles and lights. These include Mega candles for long lasting light, LED lights, color-changing lights, LED wax candles, flickering lights and more.

Our lanterns are excellent for DIY projects and can be used for a variety of purposes, holidays and special occasions. Decorate your lanterns with ribbons, flowers, submersible lights, or paint them with unique designs.

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