Decorating Ideas
  • Luminarias are a fun and great way to decorate a large area. You make a big statement when guests show up for the party. Line the driveway and walkway.
  • Our LED Battery Powered Lights offer longer, colored lighting. Flicker and Non-Flicker lights.
  • Checkout our submersible LED's, ideal for water features, flower arrangements, ice sculptures and luminarias.

Illuminate your table with warm glowing flickering votives
in a clear glass cup. Safe and burns up to 10 hours.

Welcoming guests to a fund raiser? Line the steps to your event with glowing luminarias.

This flag display was created with our red, white and blue bags.

The entire roof top is lined with our weather proof plastic electric luminarias.

Fill your shaker with ice and submersibles for this glowing effect. 

Fill a galvanized tub with ice and beer and place "White Submersibles" throughout and under the ice.

Elegant remote control real wax candles with amber flickering light in 3 different size candle set.

Carve your pumpkin into a scary Jack O'Lantern and illuninate it with our "Color Changing RGB Submersibles"

Fill your dish with water. Add rose petals. Carefully place "Floating Candles" on the water and light.

Fill your bowl with fake ice, add orange submersible lights and top with rubber snakes for your Halloween night.