Affordable Decorating Ideas for Summer Parties

Decorating with Luminarias: Summer Evenings, Parties, and Weddings For an incredibly easy, affordable, and memorable way to add a welcoming, comforting glow to an outdoor summer evening party, use luminary bags. Originally, boughs were crisscrossed and piled into squares 3 feet high to make luminarias. Today, the term indicates small lanterns with paper covers; the paper is typically colored and has delicate designs cut into it. Luminarias are lined up along walkways and other paths, walls, roofs, and other areas to create a line of beautiful illumination that provides a warm, festive atmosphere. Luminarias Make Perfect Summer Wedding Decorations Summer weddings are the perfect special occasion for luminary bags. Light up the walkway or church entrance or place them around a deck, yard, or flower bed for an outdoor evening reception. Luminarias with wedding designs instantly convey welcome and warmth to reception and ceremony guests. Choose from a number of traditional and contemporary styles to find the luminarias that best complements your personal taste and your wedding theme. Some people choose to make their own luminary bags, but it’s worth pointing out that they can be messy and fire hazards, particularly when young children or pets are present. LumaBase offers a much safer, neater, and more cost-effective alternative, with sturdy, reusable flame-resistant luminaria and accompanying candle holders sildenafil citrate generic. Skip the sand, cat litter, or gravel anchor; LumaBase offers plastic anchors you fill with water and safely encases the candles in flame-resistant bags. Electric Red Chili Pepper Luminary Party Lights For a bolder, more festive take on Martha Stewart’s red chili pepper wreath, try bringing a room or party to life with the red glow from strings of red chili pepper luminaria lights. It’s a lively motif with vibrant red and green colors to add spice to your kitchen, porch, summer party, fiesta, or other gathering. Your company will certainly appreciate and remember the unique, fun decorations. Remember to keep your reusable luminary bags for when the cold weather rolls around. Their gorgeous glow and warmth are ideal for Thanksgiving meals, Christmas parties, and other holiday get-togethers. Please explore our site further for additional information about how durable, reusable luminary bags from LumaBase can brighten any space and make any occasion a little more special.