Bulk Floating Candles

Certain special events call for an added touch of elegance and mystery. Bulk floating candles provide an animated glow that makes the theme of the celebration come alive. Perfect for weddings, outdoor parties, anniversaries, or corporate festivities, bulk floating candles come in many styles and scents to suit the theme of your event. We carry the most popular white, round bulk floating candles for a simple and classic look that warms up any gathering. We also carry various colors, shapes, and sizes of floating candles and containers to place them in so you can be as imaginative as you’d like. Place a group of floating candles in a shallow round glass bowl for the most effective lighting; the flicker of the flames reflecting off the glass will transform the room! Be creative – combine bulk floating candles with other items in the container of your choice. Flower buds, ivy, mirrors adhered to Styrofoam, and glass balls can be used to customize the theme. Other event-specific knick-knacks like wedding bells or miniature umbrellas can also be used. Complete the look by dumping colorful glass marbles or pebbles into the bottom of the container for a rainbow of luminescence and depth. Every event warrants a different type of container for bulk floating candles. Add floating candles to pools, hot tubs, and ponds for extra sparkle and a hint of romance. Use hundreds of bulk floating candles for an instant ethereal glow to match the music and decorations of the event. If you are hosting an outdoor event, consider citronella bulk floating candles to drive away pesky insects and give off a pleasant scent. You may also choose to use bulk floating candles in a small centerpiece such as a decorative glass bowls, vases or martini glasses. These warm and decorative touches can help spark conversation at corporate gatherings and large parties. Adding colored water to the containers bring out the candle’s glow and meld the theme of the party down to the centerpieces. If you are concerned with safety, another approach is to use battery-powered tealights, which are submergible in water and project an array of colors while turned on. Fix the tealights to various depths within the container for an even more complex effect. The flickers of light are sure to inspire good conversation and fun times had by all!