Celebrate the 4th

It is almost the 4th of July, and it is the best time of year to gather friends, neighbors, and family to enjoy this summer celebration.  Outdoor parties are fun for everyone in the summer, whether it is a casual gathering with all of the kids, or an elegant evening event, just for the adults.  Either way, the details including beautiful luminaries can be used in many creative ways to decorate an Independence Day party. For the 4th of July, use luminaries to lead guests to a home by lining a walkway or driveway.  Choose from all colors, including red, white, and blue, or choose pre-printed stars and stripes luminary bags.  Colored bags can be mixed and matched to make patterns and images including an American flag that can be featured on a lawn!  To do this, line the red and white luminaries to make stripes, and add a blue field with white bags interspersed for an amazing flag representation.  Neighbors and guests will love the bold statement.  Other ideas include lining pools, ponds, patios, and decks for a lovely summer evening party setting for guests sildenafil 100.  In addition to traditional flame candles, there are several options to light luminaries.  For a summer party, citronella candles are available to keep away the bugs and keep guests comfortable.  LED lights are also available which look like real flame, and add an element of safety to the luminaries.  They are battery operated and come in white or color options, and some are submersible for a festive and glowing display in a vase or ice bucket.  Electric luminaries are also an option for an indoor or outdoor exhibit. Lumabase.com creates a large selection of creative and well-made luminary products.  In addition to traditional luminary bags and candles, they offer unique products including LumaSleeves, which are die cut inserts for luminary bags that have decorative designs.  The LumaBase is a reusable candle holder which fits into the luminary bag.  It holds the bag in place by weighing it down, and it hold three candle sizes.  LumaLanterns combine the LumaSleeves with the luminary bag for beautiful and practical repeat use.