Decorating with Paper Wedding Luminaries

Particulars are important for a wedding, and typically the major details are dealt with first:  picking a date, ceremony location, reception venue, dress, invitations…the list can go on and on.  To make a wedding stand out after the big details are planned, attention to the small things can take a wedding from ordinary to extraordinary.  The finishing touches make a spectacular, memorable event whether it is unique centerpieces, customized favors or themed decorations. Consider paper luminaries as a lovely addition to a wedding ceremony or reception.  Glowing, twinkling lights set the mood for a sophisticated celebration.  Paper wedding luminaries are beautiful lit in a church during the ceremony, and can also be used to line a walkway or steps leading up to a chapel.  Classic white luminaries are available, as well as die cut inserts with classic wedding images of  interlocking hearts, doves, butterfly’s and more. For a reception, paper luminaries can be used to add a radiance and elegance to any area.  At an evening wedding outdoors, the effect of the candlelight is enchanting; or with the lights dimmed at an indoor reception, paper wedding luminaries are the extra touch to make an affair chic.  Randomly scatter luminaries to decorate a room through a cocktail hour, or use them with centerpieces during dinner to have a warm and inviting effect on guests. After all of the large expenses associated with a wedding, a budget may be very limited to purchase anything additional.  With paper wedding luminaries, the cost is nominal and achieves a big impact.  Compared to other options available for decorative details, luminaries are a reasonable investment.  Guests notice when every last detail has a personal, creative touch and a wedding will be long remembered for its elegance.