Flameless Tea Lights & Unscented Tea Lights: Centerpieces for Summer Meals

Everyone is familiar with traditional summer centerpieces such as flowers and ice sculptures, but many people forget that you can elegance to a summer meal without going out of your way. A simple combination of seasonal fruits and vegetables along with flameless tea lights or traditional unscented tea lights will give your table a beautiful conversation piece. Flameless Tea Lights & Fruit Admittedly, oranges are seen all year round but they bring to mind warm sunshine and are the most commonly available fruit. Add a touch of freshness to a dining room that has been subjected to more air conditioning than fresh air using unscented tea lights, some oranges, and whole cloves. The number of oranges used is entirely up to the host; however six is usually a nice number to work with. The first step is to hollow out a section of a whole orange at the top deep enough for a tea light to rest in. Then using the whole cloves, create a pattern on the lower 2/3 of the orange by pushing the clove stems through the orange’s peel. Place the unscented tea light into the orange’s hollow and set orange inside a decorative, stemmed desert dish. Light the tea light when ready. As the tea light warms the orange the scent of oranges and cloves will filter through the air creating a sultry ambiance making for a memorable meal. For a little variety, any fruit big enough to create a tea light sized hollow in can be used in this fashion; apples, nectarines, pummelos, etcetera. For households that have children and pets, a flameless tea light can be used as well; however, the fruit will not warm enough to give off a scent. Unscented Tea Lights & Vegetables Artichokes possess an interesting shape making them a wonderful conversation piece. Creating a deep hollow inside the center of an artichoke and placing a flameless tea light inside will add subtle lighting to any dinner table. This can also be done with eggplants and colorful cabbages. For more decorative pieces; stalks of asparagus, celery, or carrot can be tied to a water goblet using a colorful ribbon so that they hide the glass completely. Then simply place a flameless tea light or unscented tea light inside the goblet to design a unique centerpiece. For those who would like to scent a room but want to avoid using fruits medium sized peppers and onions will give off lovely aromas when warmed with unscented tea lights our website. Hollow out the onion or pepper to accommodate the tea light. Add just a drop or two of water in the bottom and then add a few sprinkles of your favorite savory spice. Place the tea light into the hollow on top of the spice and light. The water will help produce just enough humidity to intersperse the spice’s scent with that of the pepper or onion giving the room a hearty, rugged tone. Flameless tea lights can be used with onions and peppers as well; omit the water and spices and place the flameless tea light in the hollow.