Luminarias Light the Way for All Occasions

Looking for a decorative and fun way to brighten your walkway and entryway during a special occasion? Candle Luminarias are an easy and temporary way to make a big first impression. Not only do Luminarias add a decorative flair they also light the way for guests you could look here. Luminarias, using Lumabase can be a safe alternative to toppled over sand bags, so it is a simple solution for dark walkways. Light the way for any occasion using decorative Luminaria Sleeves with die cut images of snowflakes, cocktails, jack-o-lanterns, crosses, doves, hearts, dragon flies and many more. These Luminaria Sleeves can be inserted into any color bag of your choice to highlight your occasion. It’s fun to change up the Luminaria Sleeve inserts and mix and match them. It gives your Luminaria collection variety and opportunity to use them over and over again. Christmas Luminarias can include angels, trees, snowflakes, stars and crosses. Summer party Luminaria can include dragon flies, butterflies, cocktails, flamingos and palm trees. It’s so much fun! Any occasion is perfect to use Luminarias. Surprise someone with Luminarias for their birthday or anniversary. It’s an opportunity to make someone feel special on their special day! Luminarias with stars are perfect to welcome home your loved one that just got a promotion or new job. You can even use Luminaria to celebrate a good grade or presentation at school. Use Luminarias to light the way and celebrate all occasions. There’s really no limit to the ways you can light up your festivities with luminarias. They’re a fun addition that makes an immediate and lasting impression on your guests, and even your neighbors will marvel at the fun and creative decorative approach you’ve taken. Then, imagine how great the next block party will look when you and your neighbors get together and line the whole street with luminarias!