Spring & Summer Scented Candle Collection

Celebrate Spring and Summer with the floral and fresh scents in a new candle collection from LumaBase
18oz. Apothecary Jar (Burns 140 Hours)
18oz FLORAL COLLECTION 3ct (Item: 27003) Includes: 1-French Tulip, 1- Morning Glory, 1-Lavendar Garden
18oz FRESH COLLECTION 3ct (Item: 27103) Includes: 1-Fresh Linen, 1-Relaxing Spa, 1-Sparkling Rain
8oz. Tapered Jar (Burns 60 Hours)
8oz FLORAL COLLECTION 3ct (Item: 27203) Includes: 1-Butterfly Meadow, 1- Deep Lilac, 1-Mystical Garden
8oz FRESH COLLECTION 3ct (Item: 27303) Includes: 1-Pacific Breeze, 1-Aqua Coral, 1-Paradise Reef
2.5oz. Apothecary Jar (Burns 16 hours)
2.5oz FLORAL COLLECTION 6ct (Item: 27406) Includes: 2-French Tulip, 2- Deep Lilac, 2-Heather Hyacinth
2.5oz FRESH COLLECTION 6ct (Item: 27506) Includes: 2-Sparkling Rain, 2-Pacific Breeze, 2-Ocean Blooms
12oz. Mason Jar (Burns 120 hours)
12oz Skeeter Beeter Citronella Scented 3ct (Item: 26603) Includes: 3-Yellow Citronella Scented Mosquito Repellant Stock up to have on-hand as a gift for a hostess, party, teacher, friend, gift basket, bridal shower or just to enjoy in your favorite sunlit room.

The FLORAL COLLECTION includes your favorite scents from the garden. Bring the outside fragrance and lush scent of brilliantly hued flowers into your home. French Tulip will take you to the lovely French countryside Morning Glory unravels into full bloom in the early morning to start the day with happiness Lavendar Garden brings the English grove to your room with an soothing and luxurious fragrance Butterfly Meadow welcomes spring and summer into your home with a warm embrace Deep Lilac offers a sweet spring-like scent to warm your heart Heather Hyacinth adds a delightful aroma of the first glimpse of spring Mystical Garden adds warmth and delightful scent to every room in your home The

FRESH COLLECTION keeps your home smelling fresh and clean with fragrances from fresh linen to the pacific ocean. Fresh Linen, where the air always seems cleaner and fresh Relaxing Spa is perfect when you need a day to curl up with your favorite book Sparkling Rain offers a crisp clean fragrance of a summer rain Pacific Breeze captures that the warm sun on your back and the ocean breeze in your heart Aqua Coral naturally inspired by the beauty of the sea and its colors Paradise Reef infuses your home with a destination scent, under the golden sun Ocean Blooms lets you dream about sand between your toes and breathing in the fresh scent of the ocean Skeeter Beeter Citronella Scented Deet Free Formula keeps those pesky mosquitos away from your outdoor party or picnic