Spooky Lights for Kids Halloween Parties

Every parent wants their kids to have fun at their Halloween parties, but parents also want their children to be safe. Lumabase offers parents a safe option for lighting their youngster’s Halloween bash with decorative luminary bags and flameless tea light candles. Our luminary bags and kits come in an assortment of Halloween designs and colors along with a variety of colored flameless tea light candles in which to illuminate them with. Our flameless tea light candles come with a range of options including solid light, flickering, remote controlled, and submersible. Here are a few tips you may want to try at your kid’s party. Tip # 1: Make Your Apples Glow Whether you use bobbing apples for a decoration of an actual pastime, green submersible flameless tea light candles placed in the bottom of the apple tub will give your apples a nuclear, toxic glow that will make the lids wonder where those apples came from. Tip # 2: Ghost Balls To create ghost balls that will fascinate kids use a fog machine and flickering flameless tea light candles. Along a wall hang flickering flameless tea light candles from the ceiling at random lengths. Aim the fog machine at the wall so that the fog covers the area. When the lights are turned on the reflection of the flickering will give the illusion of ghost balls floating around the space. Tip # 3: Safe Travels Placing flameless tea light candles in luminary bags along paths and walkways will ensure that children travel safely to and from different parts of the party. No need to worry if a luminary bag is knocked down or falls over as the flameless tea light candles are without hazard. Lighted luminary bags are also ideal for designating places party goers are allowed and which areas are off limits. LumaBase wishes you a great Halloween season.