Scented Candles

Scented Candle Collection from LumaBase

Celebrate the Seasons and Everyday with unforgettable scented candles!
Enjoy the wonderful fragrances of nature right in your home! Fresh & Floral, Harvest, Winter Holidays, Jams & Jelly, Bake Shoppe and Citronella capture all the scents in our candle collections from LumaBase

The FLORAL COLLECTION includes your favorite scents from the garden. Bring the outside fragrance and lush scent of brilliantly hued flowers into your home. French Tulip will take you to the lovely French countryside Morning Glory unravels into full bloom in the early morning to start the day with happiness Lavender Garden brings the English grove to your room with an soothing and luxurious fragrance Butterfly Meadow welcomes spring and summer into your home with a warm embrace Deep Lilac offers a sweet spring-like scent to warm your heart Heather Hyacinth adds a delightful aroma of the first glimpse of spring Mystical Garden adds warmth and delightful scent to every room in your home The

FRESH COLLECTION keeps your home smelling fresh and clean with fragrances from fresh linen to the pacific ocean. Fresh Linen, where the air always seems cleaner and fresh Relaxing Spa is perfect when you need a day to curl up with your favorite book Sparkling Rain offers a crisp clean fragrance of a summer rain Pacific Breeze captures that the warm sun on your back and the ocean breeze in your heart Aqua Coral naturally inspired by the beauty of the sea and its colors Paradise Reef infuses your home with a destination scent, under the golden sun Ocean Blooms lets you dream about sand between your toes and breathing in the fresh scent of the ocean Skeeter Beeter Citronella Scented Deet Free Formula keeps those pesky mosquitos away from your outdoor party or picnic

The SKEETER BEETER Citronella scented candles will keep those pesky mosquitos away from your party or picnic. The candles are made of paraffin, lemongrass oil, citronella oil. Deet free formula. Makes a great gift for the teacher, friend, gift basket, hostess or just to enjoy on your picnic table, deck, around the pool and keep those mosquitos from “bugging” you!

Mixed Berry Jam, a wonderful combination of fragrance of raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and strawberries. Sorry, not edible! Orange Marmalade, a crisp, clean orange aroma with very faint hints of sweet vanilla. One of the best scents we have ever smelled! Very Cherry Jam, a delicious fragrance of tart, freshly picked plump cherries.

BAKE SHOPPE Scented Candles allows you to visualize creamy frosting, feel the texture of homemade strawberry shortcake, taste the slight tartness of an apple pie and relish the cinnamon in a freshly baked bun with gooey vanilla icing. Sorry, the candles are NOT edible, but when you light one, it will envelop your overall sensory system with smell alone. Have on-hand as a gift for a hostess, party, teacher, friend, gift basket, bridal shower or just to transform your home into a yummy bake shop. Apple Pie, hot baked with the aroma of fresh cut granny smith apples, rich butter and cinnamon. You can almost taste the fresh baked crust. Cinnamon Bun, spicy cinnamon accord with warm nutty essence and a slight sweet finish to represent the icing. Strawberry Shortcake, fragrance of buttery vanilla, freshly sliced plump strawberries and a hint of rich vanilla cream.

Cabernet Sauvignon: This Scented Candle evokes the fragrances of black cherry, black currant and blackberry. Weather you are enjoying a burger just off the grill or a hearty short rib stew by the fire, this candles fragrance will enhance your evening.
Chardonnay: Like the wine itself, Chardonnay is full of tropical flavors, apples as well as earthy fall aromas such as mushrooms and the smell of fallen leaves. Light a Chardonnay Scented Candle while sitting outside on a warm summers night.
Merlot: In French means The Little Blackbird. Known for being ripe and elegant, Merlot Scented Candle is a fruity light fragrance ideal for any room in the house.
Pinot Grigio: Ah Pinot Grigio, a zesty wine fragrance that is as delightful as a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer?s day. Pinot Grigio Scented Candles offer the fragrances of lemons, limes, green apples and honeysuckle.
Sauvignon Blanc: Our Sauvignon Blanc Scented Candle is, without a doubt, the most romantic in this collection. When planning a dinner for two by candlelight, set the mood with the fragrance and illumination of a Sauvignon Blanc Scented Candle.
Zinfandel: Getting together with girl friends? Don?t forget the Zinfandel! Zinfandel Scented Candle, that is. The Zinfandel Scented Candle has a delightful fruitiness fragrance that naturally brings a smile to your face.

French Vanilla: This Scented Candle evokes the comforting smell of a special cup of coffee. The delicate scent of vanilla bean paired with a mild cup of coffee gives a delightful scent.
Caramel Brûlée Latte: Steamed milk with an espresso, flavored with a caramel Brulee sauce and topped with whipped cream are just the fragrance this candle gives. The Caramel Brûlée Latte Candle is perfect for all seasons.
Double Espresso: This Candle produces a bittersweet shot of wonder that is the concentrated ?essence? of coffee. You?ll think a fresh cup of espresso was just made for you. The Double Espresso fragrance is ideal for any room in the house.
Display on tabletop, mantel and windowsill. Ideal for weddings, bachelorette parties, holidays, poolside and patio. Makes a great gift for the coffee lover.