2018 DIY Halloween Lighting Decorations

halloween lighting

2018 DIY Halloween Lighting Decorations

Halloween dates back to the earliest Celtic carnival of Samhain. They lived 2000 year back in the county, which is Ireland and the United Kingdom in today’s century.  These people use to celebrate New Year on 1st November. Halloween eve celebration contains parties, decoration of pumpkins, lightening, born-fire, horror movies, scary stories, costume parties, and many other things. Are you throwing Halloween party on upcoming Halloween eve? Yes! Then you must be searching for Halloween Party Decoration Ideas 2018. Well, we have incredible Halloween lighting ideas just designed for you.

Living Room Halloween Decoration Ideas

We suggest adding a spider web across the room and on the sofa. Create the dim spooky feeling in the room with frightening flameless candlesticks or flickering tea lights. If you want to be extreme, spread red paint in the room showing as blood. – We don’t recommend this on a white carpet! However, it will look as if someone has been killed. This will give the appearance of the dreadful environment.

Stair Decoration Ideas: Create a Spooky Trail

Near your staircase, you can put a set of luminaria bags and small pumpkins for accents. In the surrounding area, you can embellish it with other carved pumpkins and imaginary smoke or fog to give a haunted look. Don’t forget to add a spiderweb on your staircase to provide it with that haunted Halloween feel.


Halloween Food Ideas: Make Your Food Look Scary

Do not ignore your food while thinking of Halloween party decoration ideas. Food, being a huge part of the party, should be synchronized with the theme. Make a list of what you want to serve at the party and be sure to incorporate black food coloring into your dishes. You can make some improvisations on the traditional cakes and cocktails. If you are planning to serve glasses of party mix, add some gummy worms and submersible lights to give them a creepy look. Take a step ahead and get custom made plates and napkins with skeletons printed on them.

Front Porch Decor: Light up the Witch’s Hat

Witch hat lanterns are perfect to give your party an evil aura. You can get these custom made from a designer or do it yourself at home. Include your kids in Halloween party decoration ideas while decorating your house with these hats.

They can serve multiple purposes depending on how you want to use these hats. From hanging on the ceiling as lanterns to sitting at the table center, they look equally creepy everywhere.

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