DIY Floating Candle Ideas

Floating candles drifting on your pool or pond, bowl or fountain will transform your outdoor decor into a serene setting. Adding floating candles to an antique bucket full of water and flower petals creates a breathtaking accent piece.  DIY floating candle decorating has never been so much fun! Take a large clear glass bowl, fill with water and floating candles and add slices of lemons and limes for a springtime favorite. Or, use cranberries and pine needle twigs in the bowl for a holiday centerpiece.

Create a beach themed candle display with various sized tall clear glass cylinders, add sand and sea shells, water and top with floating candles.

Using a large round or square cylinder, wrap around the outside fairy string lights or colorful ribbon to compliment your table setting.

Planning your wedding? Often, churches or reception halls do not allow real flame candles. No worries! At LumaBase, we have a selection of floating led candle lights.

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