Paper Lanterns make a bold Decorating Statement!

Decorating with paper or nylon lanterns make a bold statement and creative display for your wedding celebration, family reunion, birthday, memorial or event!
Paper lanterns can be used for festivals, parties, weddings or decorations in the house or office. These lanterns can change the atmosphere of any room.

They are made with bamboo reeds covered by a white or natural color rice paper. Paper lanterns are an economical decor that creates a beautiful ambiance. Hang the lanterns with ribbon, and tie them between branches for a garden party, allowing the lanterns to sway gently in the wind or at the entrance of your party, on string lights above your dining area or dinner table, under a party tent, under a ceiling at an event, under the roof overhang or under your patio umbrella. White paper lanterns offer a soft and sophisticated look while bold and brightly colored party lanterns add a more festive feel.

Enjoy shopping for paper lanterns, nylon lanterns with solar or electric string lights. Battery powered lanterns are ideal for areas without access to an outlet. Tie a group of multi sized lanterns for a cluster of color and focal point.