1010_thumbnail_imageLuminarias may be most well-known at Christmastime. Often neighborhoods work together to decorate sidewalks and walkways in a festive manner—Christmas luminarias are often part of these decorations. Celebrate Christmas tradition with Christmas luminaries, a beautiful addition to any neighborhood Christmas scene or holiday gathering. Welcome guests to a holiday party as they enter your drive or walkway lined with warm Christmas luminaries to guide their path. The light from the luminarias will add a nostalgic touch to any joyful seasonal gathering.

There are many ways to use Christmas luminarias, whether you choose to place them indoors or outdoors to line sidewalks, driveways, or long stretches of your street. They are also perfect for church Christmas celebrations. When lighting the path up to a church entrance or placed outside your home, your family and guests can enjoy a more beautiful and festive evening. When using Christmas Luminaries indoors, you may want to consider our safe battery powered LED lights.

Besides Christmas Luminaries, lumabase.com also offers a large inventory of other luminaries and luminary accessories that range from traditional and simple to holiday and celebration-themed bags with many designs. We offer luminary bags in white, gold star, silver snowflake, or a variety of colors with many designs to choose from, including, crosses, stars, angels, and snowflakes. Our Christmas luminarias are available with several options depending on the length of time and setting they will be used in. Choose from long burning luminary candles, safe battery powered LED lights for indoor use, and tealights for shorter lengths of time.

626_thumbnail_imageIf you’re concerned with safety, our LumaBase candleholder can be stabilized with water instead of filling it with hard to clean up sand. These reusable candleholders fit snugly into our Christmas Luminaries bags. Lumabase luminaria bags are available in flame resistant varieties and do not collapse in the wind if used with a LumaSleeve.

All of our luminarias and luminary products are designed to meet the needs of your unique event and budget—our commitment to our customers and the quality of products makes us the leader in luminarias and luminary products. Should you have questions regarding a specific product or would like to learn more about our supplies or products, don’t hesitate to contact us at 800-524-9525.