Halloween Luminaries Bags

No longer is Halloween called All Hallows’ Eve, a time to remember the departed or dress in scary garb to ward off evil spirits. Kids (and adults) around the country love to dress up like their favorite super heroes or beautiful princesses and see how much candy they can collect from their neighbors. Tricks are not so often required anymore before treats are given. That’s why Halloween Luminaries are the perfect addition to every inviting Halloween home.

Halloween parties are still a good reason to get together with friends, and bobbing for apples has remained a much requested game. You need to make sure your friends find their way to your house, though, and Halloween luminaries are a frighteningly special way to do that. Halloween Luminaries offered by LumaBase are creative, functional, and safe. The patented LumaBases for our Halloween luminary bags can be filled with water or sand.

LumaBase has a selection of creepy and spooky Halloween luminaries for your ghoulish entertainment. We offer Halloween designs to light the path to your door for monsters both large and small. Halloween luminary bags will make sure your house is the one that kids tell their friends about when they talk about how much fun they had trick-or-treating. The Luminarias light your walkway, so the trick-or-treaters can see their way to your home.  Start your Halloween Decorating Here!

Just light the candles or switch on the LED light and watch the little ghosts and goblins race up your sidewalk to get their treats. If you’d like to find out about our complete line of luminaries, please email us at sales@lumabase.com.