Not only are luminaries a way to incorporate tradition into modern-day life, but they can be that perfect touch for so many special occasions. Weddings, birthdays, and holiday parties are just a few of the times in your life that will be even more wonderful when you light them up with luminaries from Lumabase.

Lumabase is known for incorporating the safety factor into a fun and functional decoration. A common way to make a luminaria is to put about one inch of sand in the bottom of the bag to hold a tea light or votive candle. The LumaBase holds the candle securely in place to prevent it from tipping over, so fewer safety issues will occur, keeping the “festive” in “festivities” for a longer period of time.

Luminaries from Lumabase are both functional and attractive. By using just a few scattered around your back yard, you can spice up a regular summer barbeque and make it a special occasion. You won’t feel so in the dark during camping trips when you use luminaries to light up your campsite.

Any nighttime event will benefit from the use of our flame-resistant luminaries. The time and energy you save on worrying about the safety of your family can be put to better use by enjoying the cheerful atmosphere of your get-together.