Paper Luminaries

Wherever you see paper luminaries, you can be sure someone is having a good time. The original paper luminaries were bonfires to light the shepherds’ way to Baby Jesus. Over time, people have come to love the joyfulness that the little lights seem to impart. Religious and secular celebrations of all types now make use of luminaries to add a special touch to the gatherings of friends and loved ones.

LumaBase takes pride in the fact that our paper luminaries are as lovely as they are functional. They are also practical and provide a safe way to illuminate your surroundings. Lumabase is a respected name in Halloween and Christmas, holiday lighting as well as fundraising events. Many non-profit groups sell these luminaries around the holidays–or any time of the year–to earn money for their causes.  Neighborhood Luminarias

Our paper luminaries are versatile. The plastic LumaBase is specially made to hold water, but sand can also be used. If you decide on sand, you can keep it in your base for years without fear of spilling. Regardless of the overall safety of our luminaries, the bags are flammable. Our LumaSleeve inserts, though, have a non-flammable coating. The sleeves are decorated with creative cut-outs and fit down into the paper bag, allowing light to show through the designs.

For longer-lasting lights, we offer candle in a larger size. If your event will be going long into the night, you may prefer the larger candles. The larger size will also come in handy if some of your bags are in areas not conveniently located. If you know the lights will continue to burn, you won’t need to leave the fun to put in new candles. We offer LED Battery Powered luminaries for Halloween, Christmas and other special occasions that ensure Lights for those areas that do not allow a flame. Checkout our Submersibles LEDs for water features, center pieces and colored Luminarias.

Checkout our patented Base that when filled with water, anchors the luminaria bag and prevents it from blowing over. LumaBase…the easy answer to any Luminaria Project!