Battery Powered LED Floating Blimp Lights -12 Lights


Battery Powered LED Floating Blimp Lights – 12 Lights

  • White
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Changing Color
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Green
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Create a magical atmosphere by displaying illuminated floating blimp lights that are sure to be a hit. They create an ambient lighting effect and float delicately on water. Ready to use, each with a battery included, these little lights are perfect for centerpieces, vases, bowls, ponds, swimming pools and water features.

Product Details
– 12 floating blimp lights
– Size: 1.25″ x .875″, a little larger than the diameter of a quarter
– Each light includes 1 CR2032 battery, pull plastic tab to activate battery connection
– Battery life: 25-30 hours on a fresh set of batteries
– The light unit housing also features an anchor point at the bottom, which allows you to tie an thin string to keep it in place or to hang
– Completely waterproof and water resistant when sealed tightly
– Safe for use in fire restricted venues
– Steady light on all colors except 54412 changing color

Battery powered floating blimp lights add color and light to a pond, pool, water feature or glass bowl. The light gives a soft glow and provides a safe, scent-free alternative to real flame. Each light includes a coin battery, making them ready to use right out of the box. Lights will not sink to the bottom, they will float on their own. On the bottom of each light includes an indentation with a small hole to feed a string, not included, for hanging. These lights are NOT designed to be submersed. Blimp lights are available in a variety of colors: white, purple, blue, red, changing color, pink, green, orange.

Note: To turn ON, pull plastic tab out and make sure top and bottom part of candle snap together to create a water tight seal. These lights are designed for a one-time use. But, the lights can be opened to replace the battery. To replace battery, first make sure unit is dry. Then, open candle housing by unsnapping top and bottom halves. Carefully remove old battery and replace with new CR2032 battery and make sure that Plus (+) side of the battery is face down. Place light source on bottom half first, making sure to align with three notches. Place top half on bottom half and snap together to create water tight seal. Dispose of old battery properly. To prevent corrosion in items that use replaceable batteries, remove batteries after each event.

– Decorate with glowing floating and delightful blimp lights on ponds, pools or water features!
– Scatter around a garden to add subtle uplighting
– A perfect touch for wedding centerpieces in bowls of water and floating rose petals, flower arrangements and gardens
– Enhance your décor by floating these illuminating lights in a faceted crystal clear glass bowl of water at a dinner party, wedding, bridal shower or any type of event

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 4.25 × 1.125 in


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