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Floating Wax Candles Medium 12 Count

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Floating candles drifting on your pool or pond or in a bowl or fountain will transform your outdoor decor. Place in a antique bucket full of water and flower petals for a breathtaking accent piece. White round unscented long burning medium floating wax candles provide light and delight.

Product Details
– 12 medium round floating candles
– Size: 2.375″ diameter x 1″
– Burn time: up to 8 hours depending on optimal conditions

12 unscented white hard wax candles are designed to float on water but can be used on a flat dry surface. If used outside with no wind, your unscented floating candles will burn up to 8 hours hours.

– Floating candles are a classic and timeless candle ideal for home decor and outdoor living
– Display them in pools, ponds, outdoor fountains
– Delight your guests with a night to remember by creating beautiful centerpieces for a dinner party or wedding
– Add stones, seashells, or crystals to a shallow bowl with candles to increase the visual appeal

Warning: to prevent fire, follow instructions carefully to prevent fire hazard or injury.
| Burn candle within sight | Never on or near anything that can catch fire | Keep out of reach of children and pets

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 5 × 3 in


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