3oz Harvest Scented Candles Collection 6ct (27806)

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6-3oz Harvest Scented Candle Collection

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Product Description

Celebrate with the Harvest Candle Collection during the cool autumn months. Enjoy while watching football, sitting by the fire, entertaining guests or celebrating Thanksgiving. Fire crackling in the fireplace, fresh from the oven, warm Banana Nut Bread with melted butter, crisp sliced apples for snacking, and pumpkins decorating the table all give a autumn warmth to the season. We’ve put together the “Harvest Scented Candle Collection” to represent that special time of year.

The 3oz  HARVEST COLLECTION  in mason jars includes your favorite scents from the season.
Includes: 2-Crisp Orchard MacIntosh, 2-Pumpkin Spice, 2-Banana Nut Bread
Crisp Orchard MacIntosh, freshly picked from the orchard with accents of juicy pear and sheer musk.
Pumpkin Spice,
a rich and warm pumpkin with hints of cinnamon, clove and buttery vanilla.
Banana Nut Bread, a sumptuous blend of ripened banana and hazelnut intertwined with cinnamon and clove.

Product Details
• 6 glass mason jars are filled with 3oz of the finest paraffin and scented fragrance
• Easy screw top lids for storing
• Each candle will burn for 19 hours
• For outdoor use only

Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 8 x 12 in


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