Electric String Lights C7-5W 10 Lights


Electric String Lights C7-5W 10 Lights



String light cords especially designed for walkway luminarias can be used for other outdoor lighting decor. Hook colorful paper lanterns to the lights and use for an outdoor celebration.

Product Details
– One 10 C7 sockets and 5 watt bulbs, 360″ electric light, green color cord, 36″ between bulbs, 6″ tail, end to end connectors
– 120 V, UL approved
– Switch bulb colors for a different effect for your next theme party, use UL approved C7–5 watt bulbs only
– Caution: No more than 4 string light cords connected to one power source
– Cords available in clear bulb, red and green bulb, multi color bulb, orange bulb

These 30′ string lights were originally designed for the ideal luminaria display with 36″ between each light. Light socket C7 with 5 watt bulbs, green cord and end-to end connections allowing up to four strings connected to one power source.

– String lights can be used with LumaBase plastic luminaria lanterns
– Add colorful paper lanterns to the lights to create your own decorative display
– Create your own pathway lights by adding ground stakes to anchor and guide the cord lights

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in
string light bulb color


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