Battery LED Luminaria Kit – Stars 12ct 82036


Kit Contains
– 12 Gold Star Plastic Bags
– 12 LumaBase® Candle Holders
– 12 Battery Powered LED Lights

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Battery powered Luminarias are safe, easy to use and can be used indoor and outdoor. Ideal for sidewalk, walkways, staircases, church isle, mantel and window sills for Holidays, New Years Eve Parties, Patriotic Holidays, Weddings and event dinners.

Product Details
– Plastic Bags: size 6″ x 3–1/2″ x 10″, weather resistant and reusable, folds just like a traditional bag
– Battery Powered Tea Light: size: 1–1/2″ dia X 1–1/4″, weather resistant, 1–CR2032 coin battery included in each light, replacement batteries available (CR2032), battery life – 25 hours, for maximum brightness, turn on for 4–6 hours and off for 8 hours
– LumaBase®: size 5–5/8″ x 3–1/4″ x 1–3/4″, fits perfectly inside our luminaria bags, holds three different sizes of candles and LED’s (Openings to accept: 1–3/8″ , 1–1/4″, 3/4″ diameters), when filled with water or sand the weight anchors the bag, plastic contains a non–flammable additive (Note: LumaBase can melt under direct flame but will not catch fire)
– Luminarias can be used indoor and outdoor

Kit Contains
– 12 Gold Star Plastic Bags
– 12 LumaBase® Candle Holders
– 12 Battery Powered LED Lights
– Battery Caution: Do not expose light to moisture
– Do not mix old batteries with new batteries
– Do not mix alkaline, standard, lithium or rechargeable (nickel–cadmium or other types) batteries
– Remove batteries when not in use for an extended period of time
– Do not use rechargeable batteries
– Dispose of batteries properly by following direction on batteries
– LumaBase Instructions: Pull out the blue cap, fill with water, pop the cap back in. This will provide you with about a pound of weight to anchor your luminaria, Helpful Hint: If you plan on keeping the water stored in your luminarias, add a drop of dish detergent to avoid mold. When filling up your LumaBase, leave a little air space to allow for expanding in freezing weather

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10.875 × 5.125 × 11.625 in


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