Lights - FLICKERING Pillar Candles Amber 3ct

Lights – FLICKERING Pillar Candles Amber 3ct (92703)


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Amber flickering battery operated pillar candles are worry free and create a beautiful ambiance. And, have a 5 hour timer! Flameless battery candles are molded plastic making it perfect for indoors or outdoors. Beautifully elegant and leaving no soot or wax fumes and look like fire burning candles. Flameless and wind-proof battery candles are perfect around children or pets, near curtains and drapes, also outside on your patio or deck. Enjoy the ambiance of real candles without the hazard of fire at the flip of a switch. Cast a festive glow on your next family and friends gathering with an arrangement of soft candlelight.Dress up your next dinner party or add some everyday flare to your coffee table, bedroom, or fireplace. Perfect for family-friendly spaces, our flameless resin candles are completely worry-free. The faux-embedded wick at the center on top of the candle gives a realistic amber flicker to mimic the light of a real candle. 3 Flickering Pillar Battery Candle Lights, with 5 hour timer, are safe indoor and outdoor lights Ideal for wedding centerpieces, staircases, church isle, and window sills for Holiday and New Years Eve Parties, Halloween, Weddings or event dinners Size: 3″ dia. X 4.5″ high Batteries require 3-AAA not included Note: the housing is an ivory white On/Off Switch/5 hour timer which allows you to turn on the light and let it flicker for 5 hours and it turns itself off! Water resistant Unscented

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 4 x 10 in


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