Lights – Floating Blimp BLUE LED’s 12ct (54212)


12 Blue Floating Blimp Lights

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Product Description

Decorate with Glowing Floating LED Lights…on ponds, pools or water features!

A perfect touch for wedding centerpieces in bowls of water, pools, ponds and flower arrangements, gardens and window sills. Lights make a nice accent on tables around your centerpieces, in the backyard on the grass, lining walkways as a guide to your event or safety lights to illuminate the way.

Ideal for Holiday and New Year’s Eve Parties, Halloween, Summer Parties, Weddings or event dinners

Product Details
• 12 Floating Blimp LED Lights
• Size: 1.25″ x .875″
• Each light includes 1-CR2032 battery, pull tab to activate
• 25+ hours of continuous battery life! Battery is replaceable.
• The light unit housing also features an anchor point at the bottom, which allows you to tie an anchor line to keep it in place!
• Available in a variety colors (White, Purple, Blue, Red, Color Changing, Pink, Orange, Green)
• A non-flickering steady light in a molded semi-transparent white plastic
• Lights are safe indoor and outdoor lights, no heat or flame to worry about
• Completely waterproof and resistant

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 7.5 x 1 in


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