LumaLite Battery LED Luminaria Kit – White w/ CC Timer 6ct 85306


LumaLite Luminaria Kit – White w/ CC Timer 6ct

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A changing color luminaria kit with a convenient timer feature and easy–to–use makes this decoration perfect for lining your walkway or steps. The bright changing color light works over 360 hours. The changing color light adds a unique look paired with the plastic weather resistant luminaria bag. Your guests will feel welcomed to your home with decorative illuminated luminarias.

Product Details
– 6 LumaLites: 3.125″ x 3.125″ x 2″, molded plastic polystyrene, changing color light, timer 5 hours ON/19 hours OFF
– Uses 3AA batteries (not included), lasts for over 360 hours
– 5 Hour Timer Cycle: 5 Hours ON/19 Hours OFF cycle automatically repeats daily
– Water resistant, reusable, use indoor and outdoor, not submersible
– Provides enough weight for anchoring Luminarias
– 6 weather proof plastic bags: 6″ x 3.5″ x 10″, folds up just like a paper bag
– Can be used indoor and outdoor
– Included: 6 LumaLite changing color LED lights 6 white plastic luminaria bags

LumaLite, a LumaBase® exclusive design and specially created for luminarias. LumaLite light size is 3.125″ x 3.125″ x 2″, molded plastic polystyrene, with changing color light that fades in and out between blue-purple, red, green, timer 5 hours ON/19 hours OFF, takes 3AA batteries (not included), lasts for over 360 hours. The plastic luminaria bags are 6″ x 3.5″ x 10″ when set up, and made of a polystyrene material. The construction has a straight cut top and is sealed along the side of the bag so not to interfere with any design. When the LumaLite is loaded with 3AA batteries, it provides weight to anchor the luminaria bag. Provides a changing color light. Weather resistant, not submersible. Turn the light on at 6pm one evening, it will turn itself off at 11pm and then turn itself back on at 6pm the following day. It’s so convenient!

– Line your walkway, pathway, garden edge or steps to add illumination to a dark area
– The LumaLite alone, can be used in pumpkins, table settings, window sills, mantels, lanterns and our plastic luminarias
– Luminarias are perfect for making any occasion for festive
– Ideal for welcoming your guests for your holiday party, wedding reception or summer celebrations

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Dimensions 10.5 × 6.625 × 2.375 in