Paper Lantern Floating Lotus – Green 6 Count 56606


Paper Lantern Floating Lotus – Green 6 Count

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Delightful floating paper lotus lanterns make a memorable and creative display gliding gracefully on pools and ponds. The display of splendid floating Lotus Lanterns serenely glides across the water, adding a touch of wonder and class to any occasion.

Product Details
– Includes: 6 floating lotus paper lanterns, 6 tealight candles
– Size of lantern is approximately 12” in diameter when flat, size varies depending how lotus shape is formed
– Thin wire under each petal allow you to form into a lotus flower shape, 8 petals
– Only the foil on the bottom of the lantern should touch the water
– Paper lantern is biodegradable
– Simply fold up each petal to form a lotus flower shape, place the tealight candle in the center and light
– Lantern color: GREEN

Floating lotus paper lanterns represent a wish for all beings to live a peaceful coexistence. They create an ambient lighting effect and float delicately on the water. If you’re looking for something extra special for your event, then floating lotus paper lanterns may be the perfect solution. Bend petals up to form a lotus flower, light the provided candle on the lanterns and watch them float away, filling the night with a beautiful image, you’ll remember for years to come. They lend elegance and sophistication to the overall party décor. As the sun sets the floating lanterns glow from the flicker of the tea light candle. Note: only the foil on the bottom should touch the water, and lanterns can vary in shades of color. Available in white, pink, orange, purple, red, turquoise, green, yellow.

– Use in centerpieces in bowls of water, pools, ponds, flower arrangements and gardens
– Ideal for use in a pond or swimming pool for an outdoor wedding, summer part, festival, parties and events

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Dimensions 11.875 × 11.875 × 2 in


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