Important Policies

Lumabase Brand Integrity

Resellers of LumaBase® and LumaBase brand merchandise must maintain effort to help us protect the integrity of our brand, identify counterfeit products being sold through websites and marketplaces, and to ensure that our products come with a consistently high level of customer service. Thank you for your cooperation.

MSRP and Minimum Advertised Price Policy (MAAPP)

Our MAPP requests that our wholesale customers honor our MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggestsed Retail Price) and do not advertise any LumaBase item lower than the current MSRP. We recognize that retailers may set prices in their best interests and above MSRP.

Policy On Use Of Images And Product Descriptions

By accessing and using the images and product description, you acknowledge that LumaBase is the owner and/or exclusive licensee of the intellectual property rights, including copyright, in these works. You further agree not to remove or alter the copyright ingormation included in the works.

In exchange for a limited, revocable, non-exlusive license to use these copyrighted images and descriptions soley in connection with then promotion of LumaBase products, you agree to always include the LumaBase brand (i) whenever referencing a product name and (ii) withing the accompanying product description.

In order to request access to the images and product descriptions, please contact LumaBase reserves the right to terminate this license at any time and without notice for faliure to comply with these terms.

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