Frequently Asked Questions

LumaBase® Plastic Candle Holder
Can I fill the LumaBase with sand?
Sure! Filling the LumaBase with sand provides the necessary weight and can remain in the base for use year after year.

Will the LumaBase burn?
No! There is an additive to the plastic to make it non-flammable. However, it will melt in direct flame.

Will the LumaBase break if the water inside freezes?
The LumaBase is made of the same material as a plastic milk carton. Freezing may bulge the LumaBase, but should not affect the use. Leave a little air in the LumaBase for expansion during freezing.

How close should I place the Luminaria’s to one another?
It can vary. We suggest using the lines on sidewalks as a guide, 1 – 2 feet along your walkway, and 4 – 5 feet around your pool.

Can I store the used LumaBase with water inside?
Yes! We suggest that you add a drop of dish detergent to each to avoid water discoloration.

Can I use other candles in the LumaBase?
Yes! The LumaBase is designed to accept three different size candles.

Can I use votive candles in the LumaBase?
No! Avoid soft, low temperature burning waxed candles. The wax melts very quickly and runs off before burning.

Are the standard bags flammable?
Yes, some of them! They are made of paper. Our “Flame Resistant” Bags will extinguish the flame, but can burn under direct flame. We also offer standard paper bags.

What size are your PAPER bags?
Our paper bags are a number 6. The dimensions are: 6″W x 3.5″ D x 11″H

Do the LumaSleeves inserts slide down inside or outside of the bag?
The LumaSleeves slide down INSIDE the bag.

What is the spacing between bulbs on your electric kit cord?
From bulb to bulb, the spacing is 36″ on the C7 5W cord and the total length of the cord is 30′.

Can I used a real candle in your plastic luminarias?
The Plastic Lanterns and Plastic Luminaria Bags are not designed to accommodate a real candle flame. We suggest using an LED light in both or the electric cord with the Plastic Lanterns. Or, contain the tealight or votive in a glass jar

Do your 10 count C7 bulb string lights stay lighted when one bulb burns out?
Yes, lights will continue to illuminate.

What if I receive the string lights and some of the bulbs do not light?
Unplug the cord, and remove the unlit bulb and crew it back into the socket carefully and completely. Most often the bulb is not lit because it is not screwed in completely making contact.

What is the spacing between bulbs on the 10 count bulb string lights in your C7 electric kit cord?
From bulb to bulb, the spacing is 36″. The total length of the cord is 30′.

How many cords can I connect from one power source?
No more than 4 strings of lights connected together on one power source.

How long do the C7 – 5W bulbs burn on your electric kit string lights?
Average hours are 3000.

What size battery is in your LED lights?
Great question! We have different LED lights.
Our Flickering Tea light Candles include the battery 1-CR2032.
Our Flickering Votives include the battery 1-CR2032.
The Mini Pillar (81106) include the battery 1-CR2450.
The Floating Blimp lights include the battery 1-CR-2032.
Our 12 pack of Submersible lights include 2-CR2032 batteries.
The LumaLiteTM light uses 3-AA batteries, not included.
Our Remote Control Submersible lights use 3-AAA batteries, not included. The Remote Control uses 1-CR2025, included.
The batteries are all replaceable for long lasting use.

Are your Sky lanterns biodegradable?

Do your floating Lotus lanterns come with candles?
Yes! The lanterns come with tealight candles in a metal tin and can burn unto 4 hours. You may wish to purchase

Do your 3 count battery powered paper lanterns come with batteries?
No! The lanterns take 2-AAA batteries.

Do your metal and wooden lanterns with the led pillar candle, all have a timer feature?
Not all! Please refer to each item for details. However, most of them do have a timer feature.

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