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Luminaria LumaBase - Set of 50

Luminaria LumaBase - Set of 50


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The LumaBase is a reusable, flame-resistant weighted candleholder for luminarias. It replaces the need for messy sand and fits perfectly in standard luminaria bags. The LumaBase, filled with water, holds a wax tealight candle or LED tealight candle securely in place to prevent it from tipping over.

Product Details:
– Size: 5.5” x 3.25” x 1.7"
- Anchors Luminaria Bag
- Holds One Pound of Water or Sand
- Holds a Wax Tea Light Candle or Battery Operated Tea Light Secure
- Flame Resistant Plastic
- Replaces Messy Sand
- Weather Resistant
- Reusable

Helpful Hints:
– Always place on a level surface
– Never place luminarias near flammable objects
– When storing water filled LumaBases, add a few drops of dish soap to prevent water discoloration
– We recommend using outdoor hard wax or tealight candles in a tin cup or LED lights
– Do not use votive candles directly in the LumaBase. The low melt point of the votive candle will cause the wax to melt before burning

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