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Our Most popular Luminaria Kits

LumaBase Luminarias

LumaBase is a leading provider of beautiful luminaria decorations that are more than the perfect bright addition to events or holidays. They are luminary products that bring decorative beauty to any setting. Bring a bright sense of whimsy, warmth, or inexpensive elegance to expansive settings such as lawns or patios as well as creating a feeling of anticipatory glee for driveways or walkways as guests arrive for the party. Our luminaries are perfect for holidays, events and special occasions.

We offer huge selection Luminarias including luminary bags and candles for Christmas, Halloween or New Years and special occasions. Luminaria lights provide the perfect guiding light for pathways or as a way to make a street stand out as the destination marker to guide guest to the special occasion. You can rest assured that they will remain safe and actively beautiful against reasonable wind gusts that will not blow them over extinguish them. We’ve got a luminaria for every occasion and are happy to share our unique and festive designs with you.

The LumaBase name is recognized for product excellence, as well as the attention we pay to fire safety. We developed LumaBase and unique luminarias that when used in a safe atmosphere, are not dangerous to children and pets. We want our customers to enjoy our products without fear of harming themselves, their homes, or family—we supply the safest luminarias available.

In addition to supplying luminarias and luminaries for all seasons and occasions, we offer Luminaria candles, tabletop lanterns, flickering battery lights, floating candles, tea lights, paper lanterns, and luminary bags. We even have remote control luminarias and lights. You can even get custom imprinting on standard and flame resistant bags that will personalize your next event or party with a unique touch. We’re happy to supply our easy, clean, and safe luminaria products to event planners, fundraising organizations, retail stores, neighborhoods, and anyone planning a seasonal or special event.

All of our luminarias and luminary products are designed to meet the needs of your unique event and budget—our commitment to our customers and the quality of products makes us the leader in luminarias and luminary products. Should you have questions regarding a specific product or would like to learn more about our supplies or products, don’t hesitate to contact us at 800 524 9525 or email