LumaBase is a leading provider of beautiful luminaria decorations. Luminarias bring decorative light to any setting along with a sense of whimsy, warmth, and inexpensive elegance. Decorate your lawn, patio, driveway or walkway. Our luminaries are perfect for holidays, events and special occasions.

We offer a huge selection of luminaries including luminary bags, tabletop lanterns and complete luminaria kits. If you’re looking to decorate your front walkway, driveway, or patio for an event, check out our special occasion luminarias. We have birthday, graduation, and summer party luminaries in addition to wedding luminaries and more.

Our holiday luminary bags and lights provide the perfect guiding light for pathways or as a way to distinguish your residence as the destination marker for a holiday party. You can rest assured that they will remain safe and actively beautiful against reasonable wind gusts. We have holiday luminary bags for every occasion and are happy to share our unique and festive designs with you.

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