Electric Luminaria Kits

What could be more beautiful, safe and simple than electric plug-in luminarias in adding that element of festive warmth during the holiday season? You can use them inside or outside the home as the perfect accent and guiding light for everything from driveways, walkways and garden.

Our electric luminarias have expanded to a variety of choices; we offer traditional incandescent bulb 30 foot cords with end to end connectors and led energy saving kits. These beautiful weather resistant luminaria lanterns are made of plastic so they are perfect for the elements of outdoors.

Looking for replacement luminaria lanterns for the electric luminaria kits? We’ve got them in packs of 10! If you have the lanterns and need additional electric bulb cords, or just bulbs, we’ve got them too!

No matter what the occasion, LumaBase has a variety of luminaria kits to choose from and made with quality materials that won’t break your budget.

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