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Home Decor and Decorating Ideas from LumaBase®

LumaBase® is the perfect place to shop for luminarias, lights, lanterns and candles. If you are looking to decorate your home, patio, garden, porch, pool and pond, you’ll enjoy shopping on LumaBase.com.

Consider draping string lights with colorful paper lanterns above your picnic table for your next dinner party. Line your walkway with solar lanterns or luminarias for an evening party. Wooden or metal lanterns with a flameless LED candle makes a beautiful and safe statement in any room. Mini fairy lights on a bendable wire, stuffed into a glass mason jar add light and decoration on any table setting. Floating candles drifting upon a water filled crystal bowl and personalized with rose petals or winter greens make a memorable impression. Enjoy shopping and feel free to call or contact us at 610-524-4166 or sales@lumabase.com for more decorating ideas!