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LumaBase® Water Weighted Candle Holder

LumaBase 11024-110100

Real Wax Candle Luminaria Kits
Candle Luminaria Kit 12ct

Electric Luminarias & Pathways
Electric Luminaria Kits with LumaBase 10ct
Electric Luminaria Kits 10ct
Electric Luminaria Kits LED 6ct
Pathway LED Lights 8 Lights
Pathway Lights (5W) 10 Lights

Battery Luminaria Kits
Battery Luminaria Kit String Light 82706-82906 6ct
Battery LumaLite Kit 6ct
Battery Powered LED Luminaria Kit 12ct

Solar Luminaria Kits
Solar Luminaria Kit 6ct

Luminaria Lanterns & Bags
Plastic Luminaria Lanterns Instructions 10ct-100ct

Battery Powered Lights
Battery String Lights 66002-66202 2 Lights
Battery Lighted Wall Art

Solar Lights
Solar Meteor Lights 72801-72901 8 Lights
Solar Nylon Lantern String Lights 73001-73501 10 Lights
Solar Paw Print Lights 72701 4 Lights
Solar Pathway String Lights 61901-62201 8 Lights

Electric Lights
Electric Globe String Lights 39101-36301 25 Lights
Electric Globe Filament String Lights 36401 25 Lights
Electric Café String Lights 39301 10 Lights
Electric Meteor Lights 39601-39701 8 Lights
Electric Mini LED String Lights 70 Lights
Electric Mini String Lights 2-100 Lights
Electric Café String Lights White 35601 10 Lights
Electric Ball String Lights 35001-35301 70Lights
Electric Edison String Lights 36501-39201 10 Lights
Electric String Lights PatioPRO 39401 10 Lights
Electric Café String Lights Gun Metal 35401 10 Lights
Electric Café String Lights Bronze 35501 10 Lights
Electric String Light Cords 10 Lights
Electric Globe Filament String Lights 36401 25 Lights

Nylon Lanterns
Electric String Lights Nylon Lanterns 29001 10 Lights
Electric String Lights Nylon Lanterns 76001-76901 10 Lights

Paper Lanterns
Paper Lantern Pointed Star 3ct

Battery Powered Nylon Lanterns
Battery Powered String Lights 6″ Nylon 10ct

Metal-Glass-Wood-Plastic Lanterns
Wooden Lantern 99901
Metal-Wooden Lanterns+Candle

Solar Lanterns
Solar Lantern 95901
Solar Powered Lanterns: 94001, 94101, 94201

LED Candles & Moving Flame Candles
Battery Operated Hurricane Candles with Moving Flame
Battery Operated Halloween Candles
Battery Operated Plastic Candles with Moving Flame

Real Wax Candles
Real Wax Candle Warning

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JHS Warranty

JHS Private Policy
JHS Privacy Policy

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