A luminary by any other name would shine as bright. Sound familiar? Putting a twist on old traditions to reflect a sign of the times is a nice way to combine history and present day. At Christmastime, people in many countries decorate with little lights, or farolitos, as they’re called in Spanish. But what began as a way to light the path to Baby Jesus in the manger has become a festive touch for almost any occasion.

Outdoor parties in the summertime are frequent, and a line of luminaries around the perimeter of your yard will add a shimmering touch. A luminary every few feet on the sidewalk up to your front door will light your visitors’ path. Luminaries around your campsite will give you a feeling of safety when you’re camping.

The original bonfires evolved into luminaries made with piñon sticks. This tradition changed somewhat as it traveled from Spain to Mexico and then to the American Southwest, but the feeling it brings has stayed the same. Little paper lanterns were later made and exhibited on rooftops and hanging from trees. Today, each luminary offered by Lumabase consists of our patented LumaBase, a reusable LumaSleeve with decorative cut-outs, a paper bag, and a candle. We are always coming up with new designs and concepts. Our latest,the LumaLantern, is made of a sturdy printed cardboard and lined with flame resistant paper. It looks great in the daytime and starts to glow as the sun goes down. Our LED Battery Powered Lights fit into our LumaBase if you don’t want to use a flame.

Lumabase takes pride in our extensive line of luminaries. Whatever your occasion, whatever celebration in your life that calls for a special touch, we have a luminary for you. Browse through our website and see our selection of beautiful, fun, joyful luminaries. Any party where farolitos are used will be a celebration to remember.