Four popular holidays that call for the beauty of luminaries

There’s something special and comforting about the soft glow emanating from a bag, jar or bowl or other appropriate holders of luminaries. They’re a great accent to virtually any special occasion including these four holidays.

Valentine’s Day

This is the holiday that celebrates love, and what better way to do it than sprucing up your Valentine’s Day festivities with the soft, colorful glow of candle light? With a wide variety of holders, these candles can send a beautiful message of love to that special someone. You can use pink and red bags to house these lights and set the bags throughout a room, a restaurant, a dance hall or any place else you’re having a Valentine’s Day party. They also look lovely sitting in windows to greet visitors on this holiday.


If there’s one holiday where people like to go all out with decorating, it’s Christmas. Luminaries make eye-catching accents to other, larger Christmas decorations like Santa and reindeer displays, lawn Christmas trees and other festive arrangements. Imagine a house with its lights dimmed and red or green glows coming from each window. It’s amazing how these little candles in special holiday bags can truly make us feel what it means to be in a “silent night.”

New Year’s Eve/Day

If Valentine’s Day is the love holiday and Christmas is the decorating holiday, then New Year’s is the party holiday. And what better way to add beauty and excitement to any party than with a string of luminaries arranged along walkways, up in trees and around patios and with individual candles sitting on party guests’ tables?

Patriotic Holidays

This isn’t one but several holidays including Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day. On these holidays, we remember those who have fought to preserve our freedom and show our appreciation for living in the great United States. From solemn memorials to festive holiday celebrations, luminaries make any patriotic event brighter. If you are thinking about using luminaries to add a beautiful touch to an upcoming event, Lumabase has exactly what you’re looking for. We invite you to call us at (610) 524-4166, or send an e-mail here .