Luminary candles are just one part of a long Valentines Day tradition

Luminary candles on Valentine’s Day make the occasion brighter and more festive for celebrants, and especially for people in love. It’s interesting, though, that this “sweetheart” holiday began with a Christian martyr, not a lovesick couple. Long before luminary candles came into fashion, one – and possibly more than one – of the early Christian saints was the focus of a liturgical celebration. Typically, this is how the story goes. Saint Valentine was thrown into Roman prison because he officiated weddings for military men and did spiritual work with Christians sildenafil 50 mg. Both acts were forbidden under the law of the Romans, who were bent on persecuting Christians. While in jail, Saint Valentine allegedly healed a woman named Asterius, whose father was Valentine’s jailer. For this act, Valentine was scheduled to be executed. According to legend, he wrote a note to Asterius before his death and signed it “from your Valentine.” These days, the Anglican Communion and the Lutheran Church hold an official feast on Saint Valentine’s day. In some parts of the world, the Eastern Orthodox Church holds its Saint Valentine’s Day festivities on July 6, to recognize another Saint Valentine, who was a Roman presbyter; and on July 30, to honor the Bishop of Interamna, Hieromartyr Valentine. The element of romantic love entered Saint Valentine’s Day in the Middle Ages. In the 15th century, lovers began giving flowers, candy and cards to show their affection for one another. The cards were often referred to as “valentines.” Today we have many Valentine’s Day symbols including Cupid with his wings and bow and arrow, heart-shaped craft items and candy boxes, doves, and in many parts of the world, luminary candles . Regardless of how much of the legend of Saint Valentine is true, the holiday is a special one, and beautiful luminaries in bags, dishes, bowls and other holders make great decorative accents to any kind of Valentine’s Day event. They truly brighten the atmosphere anywhere they’re placed and lend a mood of romance to any occasion. Lumabase offers a full line of luminary candles and fun luminary kits that anyone can use to decorate for Saint Valentine’s Day or any other holiday or special event. To inquire about a specific product , give us a call at (610) 524-4166.