Planning for that special day!

You’re getting married. Congratulations!
Planning a wedding can be exhausting and the details are too numerous to count. When planning a wedding, decide what kind of wedding is wanted; romantic, themed, or something quiet and simple. Here are few ideas to help get the thought process going.

Romantic Weddings
Picture a beautiful clear night; the stars a shining brightly in the sky while a warm, gentle breeze moves the air just enough to be mood setting. A large outdoor space has been chosen for the event. There are diaphanous white canopies showing brilliantly against the lush green lawns. The pathways are lined with glowing luminaries that light the way for the guests. The air is perfumed with fresh floral scents and tastefully decorated with fairy string lights. Under the canopies beautifully colored paper lanterns hang over the guest tables giving off a soft glow while enhancing the ambience. Each table centerpiece includes a lovely illuminated wooden lantern and LED tealights to cast a magical glow. The mood is set for a romantic wedding that will provide the happy couple with a lifetime of elegant memories.

Themed Weddings
Most people see the wedding itself as the theme; however, there are countless themes that can be applied to weddings. There are romance filled themes; think Gone With the Wind. There are holiday themes like Halloween and Christmas. Our luscious scented candle collections make a wonderful favor for guests. Decades are always a nice visit when contemplating the Roaring Twenties or Fabulous Forties. Consider our gold and silver paper lanterns for a bold effect. There are, of course, more adventurous themes such as those involving pirates and Robin Hood. The key to pulling off any of these themes is lighting. Strategically placing pathway lights and lanterns will establish the right mood for the theme. Lovely little additions like submersible colored LED lights can lend a certain glow to key elements of themes making them alluring just as easily as giving them a hauntingly eerie appeal. The point of a themed wedding is to live in the moment and enjoy blurring the lines of time.

Simple Weddings
Simple weddings are very seldom grandiose by design. They usually involve a few family and friends gathering quietly. A small ceremony followed by home based receptions. Simple does not mean cheap or without class; simple is capable of being elegant and memorable. The guests gather around a large dining room table where the centerpieces are crafted around floating candles in a vase filled with rose petals and water. Dinner is served while everyone enjoys good conversation while extolling best wishes for the new couple. Choosing the direction of a wedding is one of the decisions that will ensure a successful event. Lighting is often forgotten when the details are being planned and end up being rushed in the end. Set the mood using sky lanterns and turn what would have been a great event into an outstanding and memorable one.

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