LED Kit – LumaLite Kit with Jack O’Lantern Plastic Bags 6ct (77706)


6 LumaLite LED Luminarias with 6 weather resistant Jack O'Lantern Bags

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Product Description

Jack O’Lantern Luminarias guide Trick-or-Treaters or party guests to your door in a scary but welcoming and safe way!

Unique, long-lasting flickering, now with TIMER, easy-to-use and beautiful decorative Luminarias.
The Jack O’Lantern bag design is perfect for the trick or treaters, halloween parties and celebrations.

Feature Details
When LumaLite is loaded with 3-AA batteries, it provides weight to anchor the luminaria bag
– Provides bright flickering amber light for over 360 hours
– LumaLite can be used in pumpkins, table settings, window sills, mantels, lanterns and our plastic luminarias
– Plastic Bags size 6″ x 3-1/2″ x 10″
– Can be used indoor and outdoor
– LumaLite: 3.125″ x 3.125″ x 2″, Molded plastic polystyrene, Amber Flickering Light, Timer 5 hours ON/19 hours OFF, takes 3-AA batteries (not included), lasts for over 360 hours
– Caution: Do not expose light to moisture – Do not mix old batteries with new batteries
– Do not mix alkaline, standard, lithium or rechargeable (nickel-cadmium or other types) batteries
– Remove batteries when not in use for an extended period of time
– Do not use rechargeable batteries
– Dispose of batteries properly by following direction on batteries

Kit Includes 6 LumaLite Flickering LED Light 6 Jack O’Lantern Plastic Bags

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 7 x 12 in


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